Health and Safety

Great River Road Contracting is committed 100% to the Health and Safety of our workers, and of those working around us.  

No one leaves a note on their refrigerator saying meet me at the hospital at 4:30 because today I'm going to have an accident.  Instead, they make plans with their friends and loved ones to do wonderful exciting fun things.  And we plan on doing everything we possibly can to make sure that happens.  

We are committed to take all reasonable precautions to protect the health and safety of the workers, to ensure that all equipment and materials are maintained in good condition, and that we provide the proper information, instruction, and supervision to protect worker health and safety.


Safety is a culture.  It starts with management buying into its' importance and providing the knowledge and tools so tasks can get done efficiently WITHOUT sacrificing safety. It means making sure the Supervisors know and communicate the potential risks and eliminating them before they can ever happen or plan the job with effective barriers and safety precautions in place so no one gets hurt. And it means training the workers and reinforcing every single day how to do the job safely so they get home to their families.     

Our people are our number one resource and we pledge to do everything in our power to provide a safe working environment for them.